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Used Parts

At Fun Imported Auto and Toys, our warehouse is full of thousands of parts. While we try our best to get new stock equipment, for many rare Italian cars, it's impossible to find parts that are new. That's why we also stock hundreds of rare, used parts in our warehouse.

Looking for an odd trim piece for an early Fiat? We may have it.

How about a dash cluster for a Maserati Bi-Turbo? We have one last we checked.

Finding a used part is simple. Just check the table below to see if your part is listed and then email Danny saying you need one of these used parts and the price. He will take a look in the warehouse and let you know if that part is still available. If you don't see what you need on the chart, have no fear! Danny may still have it. Email him with your request and he'll see if he has it and what the price will be. If he doesn't have it, he may be able to turn you onto someone who does.

Item Price

Engines (Sold on Exchange Basis)

1968-1978 All DOHC $450.00
1979-1980 w/Carb $650.00
1980-1985 w/F.I. $750.00
Cylinder Head w/cams (specify year and casting number) $125.00 and up
Cylinder Head wo/cams (specify year and casting number) $75.00 and up
Crankshafts specify year $100.00 and up
Crankshafts turned with all 3 bearing sets $175.00 and up
Connecting Rods (no exchange) $45.00 and up
Reground Flywheel (no exchange) $50.00
Exhaust Manifold (no exchange) $25.00 and up
Intake Manifold (no exchange) $20.00 and up
Transmissions (Sold on Exchange Basis)
1969-1985 All 5 Speed $250.00
Rear Axle Assembly (Sold on Exchange Basis)
1968-1978 All Types $250.00
1979-1985 All Types $450.00
1968-1978 All Spiders $175.00
1979-1985 All Spiders $250.00
Windshield 1968-1985 (glass only) $65.00
Windshield 1968-1085 w/frame - All Types $100.00
Door Glass 1968-1985 All $25.00
Front Convertable Top Bow
1968-1985 All Types $100.00
Hoods All Types $200.00 and up
Trunk Lids All Types $150.00 and up
Trunk Luggage Racks All Types $45.00
Front 1968-1974 All Types Inquire
Front 1975-1985 All w/rubber $175.00
Rear 1968-1974 All Types $150.00 per side
Rear 1975-1985 All w/rubber $300.00
Front Suspension
Control Arm Upper 1968-1985 All $25.00
Control Arm Lower 1968-1985 All $35.00
Spindle Left or Right 1968-1985 All $40.00
Hub 1968-1985 All $25.00
Steering Box 1968-1983 All $100.00
Idler Arm 1968-1983 $60.00
Engine Suspension Crossmember 1968-1983 All $100.00
Rear Suspension
Trailing Arms - Long $15.00
Trailing Arms - Short $12.00
Panhard Rod $25.00
1968-1978 Steel $10.00 Each
1979-1980 Steel (Specify Year) $15.00 Each
1980-1981 Aluminum - 13" Inquire
1981 & Up Aluminum - 14" Inquire
Radiators (Sold on Exchange Basis) Specify Year $125.00 and up
Radiator Fan Assembly Specify Year $35.00 and up
Heater Core (Sold on Exchange Basis) $60.00
Blower Motor $35.00
Fuel Injection (Sold on Exchange Basis)
Air Flow Meter $150.00
Computer/Brain Box $150.00
Fuel System
Gas Tank w/Carb $125.00 and up
Gas Tank w/F.I. $125.00 and up
Electric Fuel Pump (Sold on Exchange Basis) $75.00
Electrical (Sold on Exchange Basis)
Ignition Distributor Point Type $45.00
Ignition Distributor Electric Type Inquire
Ignition Coil Points Type (no exchange) $13.00
Ignition Coil Electric Type (no exchange) $50.00
Starters 1968-1985 $35.00
Wiper Motor (no exchange) $35.00 and up
Interior Parts
Front Seat (Sold on Exchange Basis) 1970-1985 All Types $125.00 and up
Rear Seat 1968-1983 All $40.00
Dash Pad (Sold on Exchange Basis) 1968-1985 $200.00 and up
Lower Console (Sold on Exchange Basis) 1968-1985 $175.00 and up
Upper Console 1968-1985 $60.00 and up
Steering Wheel Early Wood Type $50.00
Steering Wheel 1979-1982 $35.00
Gauges All Types $20.00 and up
Hand Brake Chrome Bezel

$30.00 and up

Clutch Pedal $25.00
Brake Pedal $15.00
Brake Booster $40.00
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