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Tired of having your exhaust system rot out on your Fiat 124 Spider? We at Fun Imported Auto and Toys have the solution for you!

So why is it that your exhaust rots out? Chances are you use your Fiat sparingly and if you only occasionally drive the car, water vapor from the gas builds up in the muffler and exhaust pipes. With cars like the Fiat 124 Spider that have a rear mounted muffler, the heat is never able to build up sufficiently in the muffer to burn off all of that water vapor. We all know that water and metal don't mix well and the result is rust.

So what's the solution? Our Stainless Steel exhaust systems were designed by Danny O'Donnell after months of rigorous testing. They are custom fabricated by a local craftsman out of a material that will never rot or rust. That means you purchase one of our exhausts and it will be the last exhaust you ever buy - period.

Don't settle for the so-called "performance" exhausts made by those famous companies. They may look and sound great, but in a couple of years' time, they will start to fail. Our systems not only will last a lifetime, but also look and sound great.

The cost? $249.95 To order call us at (860) 871-1990, fax us at (860) 875-0601, or email us.